The 7th Coating Innovation Technology Application Conference in 2020 Ended Successfully


The 2020 7th Green Industrial Coatings Innovation Technology Application Conference ended on September 9th. The conference is an industrial coatings industry event that brings together more than 500 leading domestic and foreign companies and more than 800 industry elites. The conference will be carried out in multiple sessions, with four major themes discussing innovative water-based technology, UV technology, powder technology, and anti-corrosion technology. More than 50 popular speeches and nearly 100 high-end exhibitors will bring new technologies and new products to colleagues in the industrial coatings industry. The high-end display of, new equipment and new ideas, focusing on industry hotspots and exciting topics in 2020.

The market positioning of Root Electromechanical Company is simple and clear, and strives to be refined and specialized. At present, it has formed nearly 60 models of wet grinding sand mill equipment from 6 series from laboratory to industrial production to meet the R&D and production needs of customers in different industries. . So far, it has exported tens of thousands of qualified equipment at home and abroad, involving dozens of industries such as coatings, inks, dyes, pesticides, non-mining, ceramics, and batteries. There are several types of sand mills suitable for the coating industry:

  • RTSM-100AJ
    Using a centrifugal screen type discharging structure, the equipment has a larger flow rate per unit time and a higher output of finished products. In industrial production, it can realize different grinding processes such as single machine circulation, inverted cylinder grinding, and double machine series grinding. The optimized disc structure and discharge structure make the finished product finer and more uniform in particle size distribution. In addition, Root AJ series have different capacities for customers to choose from.
  • RTSM-50ADL
    It adopts dynamic separation of the grinding medium and the material to be ground. The moving and static rings are made of high-precision wear-resistant alloy steel. The grinding medium will not be blocked and embedded in the gap and has a long service life. The disc structure with patent technology can meet the grinding needs of different materials and different fineness.
  • RTSM-30BJ
    This model is a new nano-level grinding equipment improved by our company based on user feedback. It has been improved in terms of dispersing rod pin material, rod pin/rod pin arrangement, screen filter area, etc., and is more suitable for nano-level grinding requirements in industrial-level large-scale production environments, and the grinding efficiency and finished product output have been significantly improved.
  • RTSM-0.2BJ
    The RTSM-0.2BJ laboratory sand mill is a new type of shearing and grinding integrated equipment independently developed by Root. The smallest milling medium can be 0.2mm, and the fineness of the material can reach nanometer level. Realize the refined grinding of high-tech products.

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