The 2020 ACE is About to Open


The "20th National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition", "The Fifth China International Fertilizer and Agricultural Equipment Exhibition", and the "3rd Modern Agricultural Service Exhibition" hosted by China Pesticide Industry Association will be held The curtain will kick off at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on October 12-14, 2020. Shanghai Rute Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition as an exhibitor of this exhibition.

Shanghai Root Electromechanical was established in 2012, focusing on the development and production of wet grinding equipment. The company has now formed 7 series and more than 60 models of wet grinding sand mill equipment from laboratory to industrial production. The company has set foot in the pesticide market since 2013, and has provided customers with single-machine grinding solutions and fully automated overall solutions for preparation workshops, which have enjoyed unanimous praise at home and abroad.

 ● Served more than 500 domestic pesticide companies;

 ● Provide production solutions to 1000+ pesticide suspension concentrate manufacturers worldwide;

 ● In June this year, we won the honorary title of "2020 China's Pesticide Industry Excellent Equipment Supplier", adding another wonderful footnote to the pesticide industry.

Strongly recommend: Intelligent suspension agent workshop program
● Environmental protection, the workshop is dustless, odorless, and sewage free
● The residue is small, no dead corners are cleaned, and cross contamination is avoided
● Visualization of processing status, real-time display of processing status, timely alarm for abnormal operation, reserved communication module, which can be accessed by customers according to customer MES system requirements; less labor, stable product quality, and optimized management

Recommended pesticide grinding equipment

Advantages of pesticide grinding equipment
● High grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, high cost performance
● The product has good particle size distribution, and the material is not easy to layer
● Low melting point products are not easy to paste
● The screen is not easy to be blocked and easy to clean
● Basic data can be traced
● One-key operation, optimized management

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