Integrated Grinding Solutions for Pesticide SL (Soluble Liquid) Production Line Manufacturing

SL is an aqueous solution of the original drug of the pesticide, and the agent is uniformly dispersed in water in an ion or molecular state. The concentration of the agent depends on the water solubility of the original drug, and the general condition is the maximum solubility, and is diluted with water when used. Compared with EC (emulsifiable concentrate), the water agent does not need an organic solvent, and can be sprayed by adding an appropriate amount of surfactant, which has less environmental pollution, simple manufacturing process and good drug effect, and is a dosage form which should be developed in the future. Common varieties are: 2% avermectin water, 40% amphetamine water agent.

The biological activity of a pesticide, be it chemical or biological in nature, is determined by its active ingredient (AI - also called the active substance). Pesticide products very rarely consist of pure technical material. The AI is usually formulated with other materials and this is the product as sold, but it may be further diluted in use. Formulations improves the properties of a chemical for handling, storage, application and may substantially influence effectiveness and safety.

Each year ROOT Group offer a couple of pesticide SL production line manufacturing integrated grinding solutions to our customers domestically and internationally.

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Production Process

What is main production process and its main technical points?

Compared with pesticide sc, SL production is relatively simple and there is no need of grinding machines. The most widely applied equipment are mixing vessels. And since the large quantity demands for SL, the mixing vessel size is usually big.

The technical points you may want to know about the line

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Information Needed for Designning of a Complete Production Line

Root Solution

Root will provide a complete solution from production line design till installation and trainning to After sale service

Application of Equipment

The main equipment in the line

The main equipment used inside the line are high shear vessels, mixing vessels


Case Study

Application projects and case studies

Getting more detailed information of the pesticide SL projects of Root.