Pesticide SC Production

Until now, Root has successfully provided production solution to 500+ pesticide sc manufacturer and research institute globally, including single unit shearing, grinding solution and complete semi-auto or automatic complete production line. Root machinery has won good reputation in both domestic and overseas market. High efficiency and easy operation boosts sc large-scale production; Timely and considerate after-sale service helps customer removes all potential troubles. Root devotes to be the leading manufacturing solution supplier in wet grinding and fine chemical industry.

Production Process

What is main production process and its main technical points?

Due to local condition in each customer site, every production line has their own design properties. Either simple cost-saving start-up production line or semi-automatic production line or clean and green production full automatic intelligent production line could all be choices of customers.

However, no matter which types of production it is, they will all share the basic production process: powder charging–pre high shearing–sand mill grinding–final formulating–filling. Let’s take one customer site as example and analyze its production process and design property.

The technical points you may want to know about the line

For all the above concerns, Root will provide you with suitable answers and solutions. You can contact with our sales engineers for getting more information by email: [email protected] or by calling us at 0086-21-69959291

Information Needed for Designning of a Complete Production Line

Root Solution

Root will provide a complete solution from production line design till installation and trainning to After sale service

Application of Equipment

The main equipment in the line

The main equlpment used inside the line are high shear vessels, bead mills, mixing vessels

  • For a better crushing and shearing of the original Tc powder, it is suggested to use the high shear as the first high speed shearing equipment of the line
  • For the bead mill, a ADL+AJ series grinding or AJ+AJ series grinding is wise choise for one pass grinding of the product

Case Study

Application projects and case studies

Getting more detailed information of the pesticide SC projects of Root.

  • From small start-up production line to complete full automatic production line.
  • You can all find references here in Root case study.