Integrated Grinding Solutions for Paint/Pigment/Coating Production Line Manufacturing

Until now, ROOT Group has successfully provided 1000+ paint/coating/pigment/color/slurry production line solution to manufacturers and research institutes globally, including single unit sand/bead/media mill, high speed dispersing machine, paint making machine, etc. all type of grinding business solutions. The ROOT brand sand mill used for paint industry has won excellent reputation in both home and abroad. High efficiency and easy operation, simple maintenance boost our superb customer experience. Timely and considerate after-sales customer service helps our customer remove all potential troubles.

ROOT Group is devoted to being the leading professional fine chemical grinding & production business solution provider in the line of fine chemical wet grinding industry which is closely related to our daily life in all aspects.

Production Process

What is main production process and its main technical points?

Root Solution

Root will provide a complete solution from production line design till installation and trainning to After sale service

Application of Equipment

The main equipment in the line

Case Study

Application projects and case studies