Integrated Grinding Solutions for EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate) Production Line Manufacturing

EC also emulsifiable concentrate, one EC formulation usually contains an oil-soluble liquid active ingredient, a petroleum-based solvent, and an emulsifier (mixing agent). The emulsifier allows the active ingredients in the solvent to mix with water, these form one emulsion project.

EC are versatile formulations that can be applied with many types of sprayers, mixer and vessels. They can be considered as a safe and environmentally friendly chemical agrochemical pesticide products & services.

Agrochemical pesticide products sold as EC must be mixed with water, or some other carrier before being applied to the specific chemical or food production line mainly. The amount of active ingredient and the kind of formulation may be listed on the product label.

ROOT Group is capable of offering an integrated full production line for EC formulations.

Production Process

What is main production process and its main technical points?

Root Solution

Root will provide a complete solution from production line design till installation and trainning to After sale service

Application of Equipment

The main equipment in the line

Case Study

Application projects and case studies