Root News

  • The 7th Coating Innovation Technology Application Conference in 2020 Ended Successfully


    The 2020 7th Green Industrial Coatings Innovation Technology Application Conference ended on September 9th. The conference is an industrial coatings industry event that brings together more than 500 leading domestic and foreign companies and more than 800 industry elites. The conference will be carried out in multiple sessions, with four major themes discussing innovative water-based…

  • 2020 14th Ink Industry Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition


    The organizing committee of the conference will invite many ink and printing companies and elites in the raw material industry to participate in the simultaneous webcast. Participants can also observe and purchase products, equipment, technical services, and learn about industry trends on the ink platform in 2020. Explore market opportunities and master cutting-edge ink and…

  • CITC The 3rd Smart Factory Construction and Management Forum


    On July 22-23, 2020, the 3rd Coating Industry Smart Factory Construction and Management Forum will meet you in Kunshan! Shanghai Root invites you to come. Time2020.7.22–7.23 AddressWanyi hotel Kunshan, Jiangsu 888 Qianjin East Road Boothnumber 6



    In order to let more customers to experience the quality of our products, we will carry out a whole month of big promotional activities in September. The content of the activitie is as follows: For bead mill machines we have: $500 off every $10000 Free spare parts $100 off for shipping cost For zirconia beads…

  • Requirement of Root Sand Mill On-site Installation Environment


    The installation, commissioning and operation of the sand mill equipment must be carried out by trained and qualified professionals. All regulations should be strictly followed during the work process to avoid personal injury or major property losses. Environmental requirements for installation: 1. Install in a well-ventilated indoor place with an ambient temperature of 0°C-40°C. 2.…

  • Warmly Celebrate Our Successful Bid


    Warmly celebrate our company’s successful bid, and signed a contract with Jiangxi’s leading pesticide company (54 in the top 100 pesticide sales in 2020, 5th in the preparation ranking). With rich experience, strong technical force and good corporate reputation, Root finally succeeded in winning the bid after screening and intense negotiations. The achievement embodies the…

  • Root Won “Excellent Equipment Supplier in China’s Pesticide Industry in 2020”


    Shanghai Root Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Excellent Equipment Supplier in China’s Pesticide Industry in 2020”, adding a wonderful footnote to the company’s business philosophy of “customer-centric, service first”. As a supplier focusing on R&D and production of wet grinding equipment, Root has developed and produced a series of wet dispersion…

  • New Energy Material Customer Visit to Root


    In May, Root Anhui Manufacturing Base has welcomed the visit of Gotion Hi-tech technical engineer team. Gotion Hi-tech is new energy battery producer, with the R&D loacted in the heart of Silicon Valley, aiming to innovate and create the new generation of battery technology. By this-time visit, Gotion has signed the contract with Root for…

  • Root Group Anniversary


    Every anniversary, Root Group celebrates in different ways, partying, team travel, Outdoor activities, etc. This year, in the form of “symposium”, cloud video connection, more than 100 handwritten thanksgiving cards with thoughtful thanksgiving gift. Although separated by the screen, we still conveys our culture and cares in this way. After the affectionate thanksgiving session, the…

  • Labor Day Salutes Workers


    Labor is great, and the laborers have woven this colorful world with diligence and wisdom. The workers of Root use their hands to create value in the field of fine chemicals. Labor Day is here and wish everyone a happy Labor Day.