Root News

  • Smart Factory · See Root | Assist Zhejiang Jinshuangyu


    Assist well-known dye companies-Zhejiang Jinshuangyu Promote new upgrades of smart factories Zhejiang Jinshuangyu was founded in 2002 and covers an area of more than 2,000 acres. It is a large-scale modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and construction technical services such as dyes, auxiliaries, knitted printing and dyeing production and processing, and offshore oil exploration…

  • Smart Factory·See Root | Root Joins Hands With Foster New Materials


    The design of paint production system, high-speed dispersion machine, pulping tank, paint mixing tank, vacuum suction system, liquid meter, semi-automatic filling machine, pipeline fittings, instruments, etc. and automatic control system requirements. During production, the demand for equipment energy consumption, carbon emissions, and efficiency is more urgent, so its requirements for the environment are getting higher…

  • [New Heights of Root] | Leaders of Development and Reform Commission of Suzhou, Anhui Visited Root


    On November 10th, the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission of Suzhou City, Anhui Province visited Anhui Root Industrial in Lingbi County for inspection and guidance. Comrade Xu Min, the director of the County Development and Reform Commission, personally accompanied him and visited the cultural exhibition hall, product exhibition hall and intelligent equipment and…

  • Group|Moon is Full of Mid-Autumn Festival, Love is Full of Root


    On the occasion of the annual mid-autumn festival, the root group held the activities of “Moon is full of mid-autumn festival, love is full of root” in shanghai and anhui to enjoy the bright moon and spend the mid-autumn festival together with the family. The activity includes two parts: a friendly match and a dinner.…

  • Root Group Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party


    Struggle for a hundred years, set sail on a new journey! At 8 o’clock this morning, the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The Shanghai Marketing Center of Root Group organized to sing red songs, and the Anhui Trade Union organized…

  • Focus on CAC2021, we are waiting for you at booth E7D05!


    June 22, 2021,the 22nd China International Agrochemicals and Quality Assurance Exhibition At the Shanghai New International Expo Center begin! Shanghai Root Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. brought a variety of high-quality equipment to the exhibition, fully demonstrating the company’s strength and style at the E7D05 booth. On the first day of the exhibition, there was an endless stream…

  • Root, Meet you at the 2021 CAC Agrochemical Exhibition


    The 22nd China International Agrochemicals and Plant Protection Exhibition (CAC2021) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center Pavilion on June 22-24, 2021. Root sincerely invites you to come! Exhibition information Position number: E7D05 Time:June 22-24, 2021 Location:Shanghai New International Expo Centre Recommended exhibits RTSM-30CJ 1) High grinding efficiency    2) Good material temperature…

  • Give Cool and Help Prevent Burning


    At present, during the important period of three summer jobs (of harvesting, planting and field management) production, the ban on straw burning and comprehensive utilization are also at a critical stage. In order to ensure a bumper harvest of summer grains, effectively prevent and control air pollution and fully protect the ecological environment, Lingbi County…

  • “Concentrate Our Minds to Create the Future Together”, the 9th Anniversary Celebration of Root Came to a Successful Conclusion


    On May 22, 2021, on the occasion of the party’s centennial birthday, Ruth’s 9th anniversary trip to Anhui also came to a successful conclusion! On this day, all Root people celebrate their holiday in a unique way, paying tribute to all the family members, customers, and partners who have worked hard and made positive contributions…

  • The County Leadership Team Came to Our Company to Observe the Development Situation


    On April 26th, Liu Bofu, Secretary of the County Party Committee of Lingbi County, Anhui Province, and leaders of the Suining County Party Committee visited our company to observe and investigate.The leaders who participated in the observation greatly praised the development of Shanghai Root, fully affirmed the current achievements of Shanghai Root and placed high…