• Saudi Arabia Silicon Production Line Supporting Laboratory High Speed Dispersing Machine

    This company is renowned reseller agent and distributor in field of chemical reactors, laboratory and industrial chemicals, scientific equipments and laboratory furnishings. In a span of over few years the company has reached to heights in the field by providing products of specialized international companies. It has bagged coveted status of being an authorized agent…

  • Turkey Digital Inkjet Ink Production Line Supporting Nano Material Bead Mill

    This client is a company that produces digital inkjet inks, inks, paints, etc. Their products are distributed globally by a wide network of industry suppliers. They have won unanimous praise from customers by providing the best quality products, professional technical knowledge and unparalleled service.

  • Saudi Arabia Adhesive Production Line Supporting Three Roller Mill

    This customer is a company that produces tapes & adhesive materials ,the company’s principle activity comprises the manufacturing of specialized tapes such as masking tapes , automotive masking tapes , electrical tapes, double sided tapes …etc .Their products are sold to domestic and foreign markets Currently,the company is intensifying its marketing efforts in both domestic…

  • Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Pigment High Shear Vessel

    Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Pigment High Shear Vessel

    Application equipment: 1 set of RT-HV2000 high shear vessel Material: Fertilizer pigment

  • Egypt Pesticide SC Small Production Line

    Application equipment: 2 set of RTSM-50AD horizontal bead mill,high shear mixer, three-layer inclined paddle mixer Grinding process: series grinding Material: fungicide Feeding size: D90<70μm Finish size: D90<5μm

  • Turkey Organic Pigment Production Line

    Application equipment: 3 sets of RTSM-30AJ horizontal bead mill and 2000L high dispersing and low anchor type vessel Grinding process: Each bead mill and one set of 2000L dispersing & mixing vessel in recycling grinding Material: Organic pigment (yellow, red, blue, black) Feeding size: D90<40μm Finish size: D90<1μm Turkey pigment production line is the joint…

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