lab high speed disperser

RT-FS Lab High Speed Disperser

Condition: New

Product Type: printing ink, paint,powder and liquid mixing

Brand Name: ROOT

Place of Origin: China

Warranty: 1 year free maintenance

Voltage: 220V 50HZ single phase

Product Overview

Root Laboratory disperser is mainly applied in small test production of paint, ink, dye, printing ink, glaze, ceramic, magnetic recording materials etc. The disperser is also widely used in scientific experiments, production simulation and new products development


  • Main shaft material: SS304 material
  • Disc material: SS304 material
  • Bearing: NSK, Japan
  • Application viscosity: 0-10000cps


Model Speed(RPM) Power (KW) Disc Dia.(mm) Stroke(mm) Capacity(L)
RT-FS300 0-1500 0.3 50-60 300 1-5
RT-FS400 0-8000 0.4 50-80 300 1-5
RT-FS1100 0-8000 1.1 50-100 400 2-20
RT-FS1500 0-3000 1.5 80-120 400 80-120
RT-FS2200 0-3000 2.2 100-180 600 100-180

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