inline high shear pump

RT-SP Inline High Shear Pump

Condition: NewProduct Type: liquid-liquid, liquid-powder, oil-liquid etc

Brand Name: ROOT

Place of Origin: China

Warranty: 1 year free maintenance

Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3PH

Product Overview

Inline high shear pump can form high-frequent, strong synthetically kinetic effects via the high speed and steady rotation. There are strong and reciprocating combined effects such as hydraulic shear and friction, centrifugal extrusion and liquid stream collision by action of statior and rotor.


Model Power (KW) Capacity (m³) Speed(rpm) Inlet Outlet
RT-SP7.5 7.5 7 2880 Dn50 Dn50
RT-SP11 11 8 2880 Dn50 Dn50
RT-SP18.5 18.5 12 1440 Dn65 Dn65
RT-SP22 22 18 1440 Dn80 Dn65
RT-SP30 30 25 1440 Dn100 Dn80
RT-SP37 37 30 1440 Dn125 Dn100
RT-SP45 45 45 1440 Dn150 Dn125
RT-SP55 55 50 1440 Dn150 Dn125


In-line high shear pump/emulsifying pump has two kinds of structre: single stage and three stage structure. There are 1 or 3 groups of rotors & stators inside the pump chamber.

  1. In-line installation, continuous production, good and thorough emulsification
  2. Fully sealed design, no leakage, no contamination
  3. No need for additional pump to convey
  4. Good wear and corrosion resistance
  5. With jacket for heating/cooling

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