• China Disperse Dye Different Colors Mixing Production Line

    Application equipment: Powder Loader + Conical Mixer + Platform + Powder Packing Machine Material: Disperse Dye with Different Colors

  • Egypt Pesticide SC Small Production Line

    Application equipment: 2 set of RTSM-50AD horizontal bead mill,high shear mixer, three-layer inclined paddle mixer Grinding process: series grinding Material: fungicide Feeding size: D90<70μm Finish size: D90<5μm

  • Turkey Organic Pigment Production Line

    Application equipment: 3 sets of RTSM-30AJ horizontal bead mill and 2000L high dispersing and low anchor type vessel Grinding process: Each bead mill and one set of 2000L dispersing & mixing vessel in recycling grinding Material: Organic pigment (yellow, red, blue, black) Feeding size: D90<40μm Finish size: D90<1μm Turkey pigment production line is the joint…

  • China Herbicide and Fungicide Production Bead Mill Project

    Application equipment: 4 sets of RTSM-50AD and 4 sets of RTSM-30BJ Grinding process: RTSM-50AD and RTSM-30BJ in series grinding Material: thiophanate一merhyl, nicosulfuron, mesotrione Feeding size: D90<60μm Finish size: D90<2μm This project is the second purchase of our customer in Shandong province. The customer used to purchase 8 sets of Root SC production bead mill RTSM-50AD…

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