United Kingdom Paint Production High speed Disperser



  • Application equipment: 1 set of RT-FS2.2 high speed disperser
  • Material: Paint

This client is a company that provides high-performance aerogel liquid insulation, aerogel plaster, aerogel cement rendering, aerogel blankets and high temperature coatings for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power, food and hygiene industries. Their aerogel liquid insulation material is the best on the market today, with a thermal conductivity of only 0.032, making them a market leader in the development of a series of industrial process liquid insulation materials.

Overview of the production site

The production has used 1 set of RT-FS2.2.

Main Equipment

Root high-speed vertical disperser is widely applied in dispersing paste such as paint, ink, dye, adhesion, ceramic glaze, magnetic recording materials etc. Disperser is a good solution for mixing, dispersing and dissolving. It has been welcomed by factory owners worldwide.

(1) High and stable rotation speed in order to improve the effect of dispersing and mixing;
(2) Different kinds of mixing impeller for optional;
(3) Infinitely speed variation and digital display;
(4) Multi-structure, adapted to different material condition;
(5) Hydraulic lifting, easy for operation and maintenance.

United Kingdom Paint Production High speed Disperser

Technical Data Sheet

Model Speed(RPM) Power (KW) Disc Dia(mm) Stroke(mm) Capacity(L)
RTFS-2.2 0-1440 2.2 150 600 50-150

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