Saudi Arabia Adhesive Production Three Roller Mill



  • Application equipment: 1 set of RT-SG150 three roller mill
  • Grinding material: Adhesive
  • Customer Industry: Adhesive materials

This customer is a company that produces tapes & adhesive materials ,the company’s principle activity comprises the manufacturing of specialized tapes such as masking tapes , automotive masking tapes , electrical tapes, double sided tapes …etc .Their products are sold to domestic and foreign markets Currently,the company is intensifying its marketing efforts in both domestic & foreign markets and has made significant export to the neighboring countries.Their quality products, satisfied services & attractive prices have gained great reputation for Their Co in the tapes.

Overview of the production site

The production has used 1 set of RT-SG150 three roller mill for grinding.

Main Equipment

Industrial three Roller Mill/Manual Three Roller Mill is suitable for grinding and dispersing ointment or high viscosity materials with high requirement of fineness. It achieves required grinding effect by the friction and crushing among the three horizontal rollers rotating at different speeds. The clearance between the rollers is adjusted manually. It is equipped with emergency brake button to prevent equipment damage. The roller is a casting with special hard alloy or ceramic materials.

Saudi Arabia Adhesive Production Three Roller Mill

Technical Data Sheet

Model Power (KW) Roller Dia. (mm) Roller Length (mm) Speed (rpm) Weight (KG)
RT-SG150 2.2 150 300 24/79/184 600

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