Netherlands Paint Production Lab Bead Mill



  • Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-0.5AD lab bead mill , 1 set of air compressor and 1 set of Chiller.
  • Grinding process: in recycling grinding
  • Material: paint

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Overview of the production site

The production has used 1 set of RTSM-0.5AD lab bead mill , 1 set of air compressor and 1 set of Chiller.

Main Equipment

RTSM-0.5AD horizontal lab disc type bead mill is mainly applied to micron-grade (1-15μm) and sub-micron (0.8-1μm) grinding. High-efficient cooling system and micron-gap dynamic separation system enables smooth discharge of material and no blockage.
RTSM-0.5AD horizontal lab disct bead mill is mainly applied for the grinding of water-based coating/paint, pesticide, pigment,dye etc. According to different material, the inner chamber and rotor could be made into ceramic material.
RTSM-0.5AD, the unit designed specially for lab research and small batch experiment, is the ideal model for laboratory.RTSM-0.5AD has exactly the same structure with RTSM-AD industrial series, its lab experiment result can be enlarged to industrial production.It is operated by simple electric system. Even a new staff can easily operate the machine by start,stop,speed up and speed down.

Netherlands Paint Production Lab Bead Mill

Technical Data Sheet

Model Chamber Volume (L) Power (KW) Media Size (mm) Weight (KG) Dimension (mm)
RTSM-0.5AD(D) 0.5 2.2 0.6-1.0 80 530x410x460

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