China Fokker Pesticide SC Bead Mill



  • Application equipment: 2 sets of RTSM-50ADL horizontal bead mill
  • Grinding material: Fokker
  • Grinding media particle size: 0.8-1.0 (mm)

The client is a new high-tech enterprise group that integrates seed breeding, reproduction, and promotion, mainly producing and operating pesticides, fertilizers, and rice, and integrating scientific research, import and export, and grain storage service trade. It is a key leading enterprise in Heilongjiang provincial-level agricultural industrialization with an all-round, diversified, and wide-coverage business pattern.

Overview of the production site

The production has used 2 sets of RTSM-50ADL horizontal bead mill

Main Equipment

RTSM-ADL series disc dynamic bead mill combines the advantages of low investment and high grinding effect. It can be used as the first-stage grinding equipment in multi-stage tandem grinding. It can be combined with RTSM-AD series, RTSM-AJ series, and RTSM-BJ series.  A single circular mill can be used for the production of traditional coatings, paints, inks or pesticide suspensions with particle sizes below 10 microns; two tandem mills can be used for materials with particle sizes below 5 microns. Compared with the traditional coarse and micron sand mill, the grinding effect is superior, the operation is more stable, the output is greatly improved, and the maintenance is more convenient.

China Fokker Pesticide SC Bead Mill

Technical Data Sheet

Model Chamber Volume (L) Power (KW) Media Size (mm) Weight (KG) Dimension (mm)
RTSM-50ADL 50 37 0.8-3.0 1250 1750x1100x1750

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