Argentina Pesticide Production Line Supporting Submicron Bead Mill



  • Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-60AJ submicron bead mill
  • Grinding material: pesticide

This client is a company with 20 years of experience in the Argentine and international markets, producing chemical products for agriculture and other industries. They formulate formulas for third-party companies that provide factory services, and they also have their own brands. In addition, because of their extensive product catalogues registered with SENASA, they are capable of formulating various herbicides, fungicides and insecticides that the market currently needs. Their attention to customers requires them to always focus on providing customers with solutions that comply with the latest developments in chemical technology.

Overview of the production site

The production has used 1 set of RTSM-60AJ submicron bead mill.

Main Equipment

RTSM-60AJ pesticide sand mill is the star product for pesticide sc/od production. Now there are more than 300 customers are using this model as production equipment. RTSM-60AJ is specially designed model for pesticide sc production and it can solve many production problems which customers may meet during production:
1.Production efficiency
2.Cleaning problems
3.Low-melting point product becomes creamy
4.Material slurry layering
5.Sand mill screen blocking

Machine features:
1.Higher grinding efficiency, lower energy consuming compared with other factory pesticide sc sand mill.
2.Very suitable for low-melting point products. With -5℃ chillers water, the material discharging temperature can be controlled under 20℃.
3.The size distribution of the finish products is even and will have no layering problem.
4.Screen is not easy to be blocked.
5.Saving the cleaning water, each time cleaning water cost is around 1T.
6.With material temperature, material pressure, input water pressure, input air pressure, mechanic seal, working current display and data storage function.

Argentina Pesticide Production Line Supporting Submicron Bead Mill

Technical Data Sheet

Model Chamber Volume (L) Power (KW) Media Size (mm) Weight (KG) Dimension (mm)
RTSM-60AJ 60 45 0.4-2.0 1800 2000x1240x2000

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