China Graphene Electricity Conductive Paste Lab Bead Mill



  • Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-1.0BJD ceramic nano pin type horizontal bead mill
  • Grinding process: in recycling grinding
  • Material: Graphene electricity conductive paste
  • Feeding size: D90<50μm
  • Finish size: D90<5

Main Equipment

RTSM-BJ(D) laboratory horizontal bead mill is Root self-deseign/manufacturing new-type integrated dispersing bead mill. RTSM-BJ(D) has very wide application. The finish size can be from D90=100nm to D90=20mcron. It is the ideal model for research institute, university lab and Scientific researchers.

RTSM-BJ(D) can be applied for the production of pesticide SC, pharmaceutical material, textile printing inkjet ink, digital printing ink, glass inkjet ink, ceramic ink, MLCC, phraphene, nano coating, flourscent brightener, electric paste, positive and negative pole material etc.

China Graphene Electricity Conductive Paste Lab Bead Mill

Technical Data Sheet

Model Chamber Volume (L) Power (KW) Media Size (mm) Weight (KG) Dimension (mm)
RTSM-1.0BJD 1 4 0.2-1.0 210 700*600*700

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