• Turkey Digital Inkjet Ink Production Nano Bead Mill

    Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-10BJD bead mill , 1 set of RTFS-15 and 1set of RTLG-1000 Grinding material: digital inkjet ink Discharge size: D90<300nm This client is a company that produces digital inkjet inks, inks, paints, etc. Their products are distributed globally by a wide network of industry suppliers. They have won unanimous praise…

  • Netherlands Paint Production Lab Bead Mill

    Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-0.5AD lab bead mill , 1 set of air compressor and 1 set of Chiller. Grinding process: in recycling grinding Material: paint This client is a company specializing in industrial consulting and solutions. They provide high-quality advice and services to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational companies, and provide…

  • Colombia Diatom Production Lab Bead Mill

    Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-0.2BJ lab bead mill Grinding process: in recycling grinding Material: diatom This company is committed to improving the quality, profitability and performance of customers’ crops. Campofert has long been committed to R + D + i. Their qualified technical team is working across the country. They are working hard to…

  • United Kingdom Paint Production High speed Disperser

    Application equipment: 1 set of RT-FS2.2 high speed disperser Material: Paint This client is a company that provides high-performance aerogel liquid insulation, aerogel plaster, aerogel cement rendering, aerogel blankets and high temperature coatings for the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power, food and hygiene industries. Their aerogel liquid insulation material is the best on the market…

  • Vietnam Pesticide Production Horizontal Sand Mill

    Application equipment: 1 set of RTSM-100AJ horizontal sand mill Material: Adhesive This client is a company that produces pesticides, engaged in the research, development, production and sales of various pesticides. Their products have the advantages of low control costs, high efficiency, low toxicity, etc., and have been universally recognized by farmers, and their sales network…

  • Saudi Arabia Adhesive Production Three Roller Mill

    Application equipment: 1 set of RT-SG150 three roller mill Grinding material: Adhesive Customer Industry: Adhesive materials This customer is a company that produces tapes & adhesive materials ,the company’s principle activity comprises the manufacturing of specialized tapes such as masking tapes , automotive masking tapes , electrical tapes, double sided tapes …etc .Their products are…

  • China Zhejiang Pigment Production Line

    Application equipment: Beating tank+Grinding tank+Bead Mill+Stirring tank+Transfer cylinder+Emulsification Pump Material: Pigment Customer Industry: Dyestuff This customer is a technologically innovative company specializing in R&D, commercial processing, operating reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries and import and export business. The main advantage products are disperse and reactive blue dyes. The products are…

  • China Zhejiang Hangzhou Disperse Dyes Production Line Bead Mill

    Application equipment: RTSM-60BJP and RTSM-150BJP Grinding material: Disperse Dyes Customer Industry: Dye This customer is a block silicone oil manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It adheres to the development concept of “pioneering and innovative, technology-based”, and is committed to providing customers with super-hydrophilic, super-soft and super-stable blocks Silicone oil and various textile chemicals have…

  • China Zhejiang Jiangshan 246 Yellow Paint Production Bead Mill

    Application equipment: 2 sets of RTSM-300AJP horizontal bead mill Grinding media particle size: 0.3-0.5 (mm) Grinding material: 246 yellow Customer Industry: Paint This customer is a production and sales enterprise integrating of nano-level, high-light, high-wash fastness disperse dyes (post-treatment), and the sales of chemical products and raw materials.

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