Agrochemical material can be divided into insecticide, fungicide and herbicide and fertilizers. And by different formulation, there are suspension concentrate(SC), OD, EC, EW, FS, SL, Plant growth regulator, liquid fertilizer.

Root sand mill equipment can be appliced to the following production:

  • Pesticide SC
  • Pesticide OD
  • FS (Flowable Suspension Concentrate)
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Plant Growth Regulator

Highly recommended sand mill series for Agrochemical

After 8 years exploration of different kinds of formulation, with hundreds of experiments and the application experience of more than 500+ customer site, Root recommend the following sand mill for agrochemical production with high efficiency and stability

Case Study

Application projects and case studies

Getting more detailed information of the pesticide production projects of Root. From small start-up production line to complete full automatic production line.

You can all find references here in Root case study.